E.P. London

I looked on the internet for someone with whom I could connect; I really wanted a ‘quick fix’ by someone I felt I could trust. By sheer luck I found you and, surprise, surprise, there really is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ but pretty nearly….. I feel so pleased to have met someone with your integrity, depth of knowledge and experience.  I cannot thank you enough

S. D. Sheffield

I think it is easy for us to give over our bodies and our minds to others when we are getting ready to give birth. We believe that there is someone more qualified than us to tell us what is best for our baby when really the best person to tell me was me! The Developing Life Course gets us to tune back in to ourselves in a way that we probably have never done before and it’s great!!! During my recovery in hospital, the nurses had to check on me on more than one occasion that I had had a c- section as they could not believe how well I was………… My Doctor was completely stunned at my 6 week check and told me she would never have believed I had just delivered by looking at my scar and my body. I know all of it was due to the techniques of Developing Life Program and my Glynes!”

S.A. Services Manager

“In 21 days I lost 10.75 inches without really trying! This HypnoSlimmer program is an excellent way to lose weight, without the trauma of being on a diet”. Thank you Glynes ‘My Inspiration!’

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